Saturday, December 31, 2011

There's A First Time For Everything

 I have often considered starting a blog, but then felt like "who on Earth would want to read anything I wrote?" or "are my thoughts worth sharing?”  Recently I decided to stop thinking so much about it and just do it.  The New Year starts tonight at midnight and it’s about damn time I do all the things I want to do.  So if that means writing meaningless and sometimes superficial blogs about me, hell, why not?  No, but really, they won't all be meaningless (I hope).

I want to start this New Year right this time.  I've only been practicing yoga for about 5 months and believe me I know, that is a very short amount of time to start considering myself a yogi.  But that is the most amazing thing about yoga, how quickly it can transform your being.  I've begun making conscience decisions regarding my character and I've become more aware of the powerful being within us all.  I'll be honest though, there are still days that the peace sign isn't the only hand sign I wave around.  But yoga isn't about always being perfect, or at least I hope not because I'd be way wrong.  I find yoga is about being content in who I am but always reaching towards my potential.  So this year, 2012, is going to be about plugging into my truest self, and accessing my strengths. I'll share with you things you probably won't always care about, things that are so personal and maybe, just maybe you could relate to.  Mostly I hope that in my quirky and sometimes 'colorful' posts you will find your own inspiration to keep moving forward, to "stand up" as Krishna would say.

So Happy New Year’s Eve y'all!  May you all be able to move on towards a brighter tomorrow and let go of all the negative energies of 2011 because “we cannot see the sun if we are standing beneath a rain cloud”. 

Much love


  1. keep blogging!! it takes times, but you'll get more readers. follow back?

  2. Thanks Lauren! It really means a lot to me you are following :) I love your blog! its so pretty and unique! I may ask for tips one day...I'll be posting tonight again as soon as our little one falls asleep (I pray it will be early lol). Much love to you and yours,