Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Too Long, Much, Much Too Long

here I am.  Its been a few months and sadly I have fallen off my mat and though I have visited it a few times here and there, I have neglicted it.  It wasn't on purpose really, life happened and well, other things took precedent. 

I'm going to get back on it tomorrow.  I swear.

Good news is that life is started to feel much more grounded.  I don't feel so scared about what is going to happen next and I feel at peace with how things are at the present time.  I've made a lot of strides as far as my health, I'm working out EVERYDAY!  I know that sounds crazy about I have just been doing extreme interval training every day for 30 min in the morning and on every other day in the afternoon I throw in 45 min of cardio at the local gym.  I have begun feeling much better, less stressed and heres the shocker....I gave up my greatest addiction, are you ready??? CAFFEINE!!!!

I know you think I'm nuts, but its been nearly two weeks now and I feel amazing about it, I sleep better, I'm less anxious and I feel in control of something.  (That last part is so important to me, only a few weeks ago I was feeling very depressed, overwhelmed, I needed to feel control in a healthy way and so BAM! I quit a very nasty, and expensive addiction. Ha!)

So my posts have been well, small and spaced out for sure, but you'll be hearing more from me real soon.  I'm feeling the need to do some real emotional purging on here.  Life is hard, no matter how perfect if seems from the outside, our minds, insecurities, and other influences can really drag us down.  And honestly, its a battle sometimes, so I'll share some of my tips and I would love to hear other peoples tips as well.

Much Love

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  1. i think you totally have a ton of potential to be a great blogger, you just need to plan it into your schedule and be dedicated to it like with your working out.

    and yay for quitting caffiene!! people don't realize it, but it makes SUCH a difference once you stop getting it into your system.